Platinum Silicone: Why Only the Best Will Do

May 14, 2020 3 min read

I recently found silicone ice trays in the dollar spot at Target. To be honest, $3 for a set of silicone ice trays does seem like a better choice than plastic. But is it really?

There’s often confusion around silicone - it can look and feel like plastic, so you may wonder if it is, in fact, better than plastic.It’s important to know that not all silicone is created equal. Let’s dive into silicone, the different grades, and why it can be (but isn’t always) much safer than plastic.

We’ve explainedwhy we avoid plastic and thematerials we favor instead. Now, let’s do a deep dive into the primary material we use in our Nummy bowls: platinum silicone.

What is Platinum Silicone? 

We love silicone because it’s generally a safer alternative to plastic while being both more durable and heat-proof than plastic. Our silicone bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as oven and freezer safe.

There are various grades of silicone, including standard silicone, food grade, and medical grade. Silicone is cured (a.k.a. bound together) through the use of either peroxide or platinum. Curing with peroxide is the most cost effective, but fillers are needed in the process and the final product contains contaminants and byproducts, similar to plastic. Standard and food grade silicones are cured with peroxide. On the other hand, curing with platinum is more expensive, but the resulting silicone is cleaner and purer, and does not contain any fillers or byproducts. 

Medical grade silicones are cured with platinum – which is what we use. Nummy products are free of BPA, BPS, BPF, PVC, lead, cadmium, phthalates, formaldehyde, PAHs and nitrosamines (a.k.a., the things you don’t want leaching into your food, or your child’s).

Certifications Matter

It’s also important to seek out certifications to ensure your silicone products are safe. There are two leading certifications: FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and LFBG, which is Germany’s food regulating body, similar to our FDA. We do not rely solely on FDA approval, since the majority of FDA-approved silicones are peroxide cured—meaning they often have those nasty fillers and byproducts. To ensure the highest level of safety, we ensure our silicone is LFBG certified as well. 

When you see silicone products with a “fork and knife” symbol on them, that indicates that the material has passed LFBG’s certification process, the strictest certification in the world. As part of the testing process for silicone, LFBG tests silicone resin to ensure it is not transferred to your food. In addition to LFBG testing, we have tested our silicone for additional toxins to ensure they are completely safe for you and your family, and the environment as well.

Your Baby Is Worth It

We spend a little extra on platinum cured silicone because we truly believe that your baby should have the best start in life. Platinum silicone is the highest grade of silicone used for food products, and the only grade that ensures toxic contaminants aren’t leaching into your baby’s food. While that does make the price point a few dollars higher, we believe you can’t put a price on a lifetime of health, or on peace of mind. 

 Our platinum silicone is truly a healthier and safer alternative to plastic. By choosing the highest level of testing and certification with the highest quality silicone materials, we offer a safer alternative for kid-friendly products - and that’s worth every penny. 

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It is nice to see a well-made product that is PLASTIC FREE and easy to store, stack, and most importantly, use in the over or microwave…certainly beats heating up plastic!

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This suction is amazing. Best suction bowl I have tried so far. Love that it is also dishwasher safe but cleans easily by hand and have had no staining issues even after spaghetti residue left in the bowl overnight.

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