Caring for Bamboo

June 10, 2020 1 min read

We have had a few people reach out to us about caring for their Nummyware containers. Whenever you are cleaning products made from natural materials, it is important to take special care of them to ensure their lifespan and utility. We’d like to share these bamboo cleaning tips, so your Nummyware containers work well for the years to come. These instructions also apply to any other bamboo utensils you may have in your kitchen. 

  1. Use a mild dish soap & wash your bamboo lid in soapy hot water

  2. Rinse your bamboo in warm water. Pat dry with a clean cloth, then stand upright so it can completely dry

  3. If your bamboo starts to look or feel dry, re-hydrate with mineral oil or bamboo conditioning oil

  4. Store your bamboo lids separately from the glass dishes. If the containers are assembled and the bamboo is not completely dry, the containers can trap moisture and mold can grow over time




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People Love Nummy

It is nice to see a well-made product that is PLASTIC FREE and easy to store, stack, and most importantly, use in the over or microwave…certainly beats heating up plastic!

Sylvia Athens, Nummyware


This suction is amazing. Best suction bowl I have tried so far. Love that it is also dishwasher safe but cleans easily by hand and have had no staining issues even after spaghetti residue left in the bowl overnight.

Christina, Nummy Bowl

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