Recycling your Nummy Products

Please contact your local recycler to see if they accept silicone. If they do not, you're welcome to mail back damaged silicone products or parts to us:

Attn: Recycling Program
PO 3034
Los Altos, CA 94024 USA

If you have questions about recycling, please reach out to us:

People Love Nummy

It is nice to see a well-made product that is PLASTIC FREE and easy to store, stack, and most importantly, use in the over or microwave…certainly beats heating up plastic!

Sylvia Athens, Nummyware


This suction is amazing. Best suction bowl I have tried so far. Love that it is also dishwasher safe but cleans easily by hand and have had no staining issues even after spaghetti residue left in the bowl overnight.

Christina, Nummy Bowl

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