Our Story (dev)

Our Story

Welcome to Nummy life! I’d like to introduce you to my company and mission.

When our first daughter was born in 2015, I of course wanted her to have healthy and nutritious food to eat. I knew how to find healthy food, but I soon realized the products I was using to prepare, store, and serve that food *also* had a big impact on our food’s health—and our daughter’s. Many of the products I was using every single day—most made of plastic—were releasing chemicals into our food, making it less healthy and having a long-term impact on our daughter’s health. Worse, better products were really hard to find.

I was mindful about *what* I was feeding our daughter, and I wanted to be just as mindful about what I was using to prepare, serve, and store her food. I learned that products made with non-plastic materials like medical grade silicone, glass, stainless steel and bamboo were both healthier for our family and better for our planet. They don’t release toxins into our food, and they create less waste. They last longer, have a smaller environmental footprint, and are all either recyclable or compostable.

That’s our mission: to create products we love that are better for our health and our planet.

Nummy products will never use plastic and will only use the most sustainable materials available, so we can feel confident using them with our families.

Brooke Boak

President, Nummy

Our Products

Our products are 100% plastic-free, non-toxic and made with earth-friendly materials.

Plastic Free

1% of your purchase will be donated to Ocean Cleanup projects.

When you purchase something of our brand, you are helping our planet get a little greener at the same time.

Good for you, good for the planet.

People Love Nummy

It is nice to see a well-made product that is PLASTIC FREE and easy to store, stack, and most importantly, use in the over or microwave…certainly beats heating up plastic!

Sylvia Athens, Nummyware


This suction is amazing. Best suction bowl I have tried so far. Love that it is also dishwasher safe but cleans easily by hand and have had no staining issues even after spaghetti residue left in the bowl overnight.

Christina, Nummy Bowl

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